Paris 2022

Guess what ???

We are all going to be in Paris THIS SUNDAY !!!

The RSVP list for Sunday’s event  is  INCREDIBLE – 199 guests / 1 ticket remaining in the secret stash, just in case

To put this all in perspective, during the two weeks of the French Open, our group (You & me) is the ONLY GROUP IN THE WORLD that takes down the entire 200 person Corporate Hospitality section in Court Philippe Chatrier.  When we posed that exact question to our friends at the French Tennis Federation, this was their response :

Are we the only group during the French Open that takes down the entire 200 person suite ???
Of course you are !!!

At this point, everyone should have their Sunday tickets.  For those who requested Monday, Court Annex tickets, those will go out by email on Tuesday or Wednesday.

As most know, one of the many joys of this group is that we, collectively, fund cancer research grants every year.  Five of our group’s cancer researchers will be joining us on Sunday. You are going to LOVE meeting them !!!  And we are just days away from announcing our group’s 8thcancer researcher.  Our researchers will be wearing name tags on Sunday so that they will be easy to find.

Safe travels to all and see you Sunday !!