Our Brainstormers


Our Brainstormers come up with amazing ideas and activities to bring people together to raise funds for Cancer Research Racquet

Emma Boffey


Emma and her legal colleagues in Edinburgh hosted the first annual “Ultimate Ringer” Tennis & Wine Weekend in Scotland back in May of 2015.   This rocking two-day event helped fund our group’s fourth cancer research grant through the American Cancer Society.  When not perfecting her bagpipe artistry, Emma is rocking the legal world as an advocate of the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland. Emma is the president of the Scottish Young Lawyers Association, and she hopes to introduce our group and the cause to many of her long-time friends.

Rosemary Brock


Rosemary is the mixologist who created the delightfully refreshing vodka brew, which is a permanent fixture at all of our Las Vegas “Ultimate Ringer” doubles events. Rosemary is an inspirational force behind Cancer Research Racquet and she brings our events to life worldwide.  When not masterminding innovative libationary delights, Rosemary helps cancer researchers get to discovery faster with EISC’s scientific data automation.

JW Cannon


JW is the international point of contact for CRR at the American Cancer Society. JW has developed multiple marketing campaigns which help sports and their fans and the world of cancer. Thank you, JW, for everything.

Ann Austin WTA Charities


Ann serves as the Executive Director for WTA Charities and works with Cancer Research Racquet in funding cancer research through WTA Charities ACEing Cancer program.

Sharon Oboshie Doku


Sharon Oboshie Doku is a hat flatterer – no one dons hand-crafted, head glamor like Sharon. And Paris is where she shares her latest trends. Each day’s delicate design only rests on a table when the dance floor calls. No hat could withstand the heel and hip movements of Sharon’s rumba. When Sharon is not on an international dance floor, singing bits from operettas to Disney or at the theater (or actually performing on stage herself), she is a cross-border, capital markets and finance lawyer with Freshfields, Bruckhaus Deringer in Germany. Sharon brings style and flare to all our European Cancer Research Racquet events. Time to shop !!

Marion Hanley


Marion Hanley is a former professional tennis player turned medical doctor. Marion and her friends brought Cancer Research Racquet to Dublin where all can cheer the tennis from the glorious grandstands of the Fitzwilliam Lawn and Tennis Club. After a few, post-match pints, the sounds of impromptu harmonizing fill the historic Fitzwilliam Member’s Bar – So many special memories.



Lauren Hurcombe ventured to Roland Garros in Paris with her DLA Piper colleagues to be part of the effort to fund our third cancer research grant through the American Cancer Society. Now, Lauren and her legal colleagues in Edinburgh organize events annually to support each year’s cancer research grant.

Emma Johnston


Emma Johnston is our favorite bag pipe-loving lawyer at Pinsent Masons in Scotland. She and her colleagues brought Cancer Research Racquet to Edinburgh in 2015 and annually host events support each year’s cancer research grant.



David Leckie combines his expertise in classic Irish piping with championship chess – the ultimate killer combo! David is a man with whom one must reckon, especially when he lifts you off the ground using his broad, professional Rugby physique. At the international law firm of Clyde & Co in London, David is a renowned lawyer who connects with the world through his wit, his wisdom, and the splendor of his wife’s goat cheese bread. David is completely committed and totally involved in all of Cancer Research Racquet’s worldwide events.



Danny Maccanello controls nature. Danny can command the sun to shine and the rain to fall. We have never witnessed anything like our first “Ultimate Ringer” Cancer Research Fundraiser in Las Vegas. With rain about to cancel the event for hundreds of guests, Danny assessed the situation, looked to the heavens and the clouds parted one hour before the beginning of the match. As if that were not enough, two hours later, when Tim Blenkiron ended the event with an amazing overhead that bounced over the fence, an absolute downpour began. For the event organizers who are also cancer survivors and caregivers, we simply stood on the court and enjoyed being drenched.

We all had exactly the same thought at exactly the same time – this was more than coincidence – and we smiled at each other. Danny cracked many forehand winners while on the Men’s Tennis Team at UNLV and has shared his love of the game with all at the Spanish Trail Country Club since the 1980’s.

Maryline Mertz - fundraiser


Maryline Mertz knows all the secret handshakes and passwords to gain entry to the hidden Champagne caves and the Bordeaux wine cellars in the Gironde Estuary of France. She hails from the Champagne region of France and will lead Cancer Research Racquet’s exploration of this historic and scenic area. Maryline is a jazz flautist turned cross-asset derivative specialist with Goldman Sachs in London. When not joining Cancer Research Racquet at its Opening Day, Corporate Event at the French Open, Maryline enjoys the good memories from her involvement with the Rock n Roll Dancing Association. Rock on, Maryline !!

Christine McGowan


Christine was part of the team that brought Cancer Research Racquet to Dublin years ago and part of the effort to fund our first cancer research grant and all that followed. Thank you, Christine!

Kelly O'Flynn


Kellie O’Flynn and her team brought Cancer Research Racquet to Dublin several years ago and is always a part of our cancer research celebration at the French Open on opening day. Thank you, Kellie!!

Golly Prabhu


Golly is an inspiration for Cancer Research Racquet. Golly is a cancer survivor and wherever life takes him he connects with and shares the joy of being part of an international network which pushes cancer research forward.



Sarah Rifaat is a legal rocket scientist – instead of manufacturing the launch vehicle, Sarah designs the contracts by which aircraft are built and sold. When land travel is required, Sarah boards the European rocket trains. Sarah scored major brownie points recently on the London-to-Paris Eurostar. A friend, already in Paris, left her French Open tickets on the kitchen table in London – big mistake. The friend called a courier who grabbed the tickets from her London kitchen table (along with a peanut butter & jelly sandwich), and, with just minutes until Sarah’s departure, raced to St. Pancras Station for the successful handoff. Everyone enjoyed the tennis and Champagne !!

Tennis runs deep in Sarah’s family. Her father holds various Egyptian tennis championships and Sarah’s backhand is regarded as “wicked”. Sarah and her husband, Matt, travel the world with their Yorkie, Stoli and are actively involved in all of our French Open and Wimbledon events.

Senka Softec


Senka Softic travels the world in search of perfect brownies – which, after much due diligence, are made daily at the Notting Hill Tennis Club. Brownies are a perfect reward after a productive day in the financial world at Goldman Sachs in London or after crushing down-the-line winners past intimidated opponents. Senka and her team brought Cancer Research Racquet to Pula, Croatia. The red-clay tennis nestled near the Adriatic Sea’s stunning coastline was a day we will never forget. Thank you, Senka!!