Our 2022 "Endless Bourbon / Endless Champagne" Events

Our 2022 “Endless Bourbon & Endless Champagne” Events – WE FUNDED OUR 9TH CANCER RESEARCH GRANT !!!


Hi Champagne, Bourbon & Cancer Research Lovers !!! WE DID IT !!

Yes, the WTA / Hologic / Cancer Research Racquet collaboration crushed the $175,000 needed to fund our group’s 9th cancer research grant !! In early January, we hope to share with you the name of Cancer Research Rock Star #9 !!! We hope to introduce you to Rock Star #9 in Paris at our French Open event on Sunday, May 28th

SO NOW, WE CELEBRATE – First in San Francisco on Friday, December 2nd and then in Paris on Sunday, May 28th !!! Below is the information so that you & friends can join in the fun !!!

Cancer Research Celebration Event #1 – The Top of the Mark in San Francisco – Friday, December 2nd (A WEEK FROM THIS FRIDAY)

The Top of the Mark in San Francisco

Our annual, “Endless Champagne / Endless Bourbon / Cancer Research” Celebration Event at the Top of the Mark in San Francisco will be taking place on Friday, December 2nd at 6pm at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins, 999 California St in San Francisco. If you and friends are able to join us, Please RSVP SOON.

Donations toward Cancer Research Rock Star #10 are always appreciated – www.cancer.org/WTA

Cancer Research Celebration Event #2 – Meet Our Cancer Researchers at the 2023 French Open – Only 35 Corporate Passes Remain

As of this moment, 165 of the 200 Corporate Passes for our Sunday, May 28th Opening Day Event at Roland Garros have been claimed. If you and friends are thinking about joining in the fun, PLEASE RSVP SOON !!! For those who have already RSVP’d, you will begin receiving French Open specific emails starting on January 28th. Photos from last year’s event are on the gallery page.

See you all over the world !!