Our 2022 "Endless Bourbon / Endless Champagne" Events

Our 2022 “Endless Bourbon / Endless Champagne” Events

Hi Bourbon, Champagne & Cancer Research Lovers !!

Three quick updates for February – (1) Our Group’s 8th Cancer Research Rock Star, (2) All things French Open & Paris and (3) All things London & Dublin

Update #1 – Our Group’s 8th Cancer Research Rock Star

Collectively, we (Cancer Research Racquet and the WTA) raised over $217,000 in 2021 – Thank you so very much !!! We absolutely LOVE our international collaboration with our friends at the WTA and at the American Cancer Society !!! We hope to announce our group’s 8th Cancer Research Rock Star in March and to introduce you to that researcher in Paris in May or in San Francisco in December. Chris Evert is our group’s International Ambassador for 2022 (It’s just amazing to me, to be typing the words “Chris Evert” in this email and then sharing this “Chris Evert” email with you !!). We hope to introduce you to Chris Evert later this year via Zoom or in Paris as her schedule permits. Simply over the moon.

Update #2 – All Things French Open & Paris

200 from this group (see updated RSVP list below) will be in Paris rooting for Rafa to win Grand Slam title #22 !!! Separate French Open emails are going to our Paris guests monthly. If you would like to be on the Paris wait-list, please drop me a note. See everyone at Roland Garros in under 120 days !!!

Update #3 – All Things London & Dublin

February is the time for everyone to RSVP for all our London & Dublin events – Take a look and drop me a note if you and friends are interested in joining us


Thursday, May 19 – Pub Crawl – We will be starting our adventure at the Temple Bar Pub in Dublin at 6pm. We have no idea where we will end up. But if you would like to start the journey with us, drop me a note and we will see you on Thursday, May 19 at 6pm at the Temple Bar Pub in Dublin

Friday, May 20 – Our Annual Cancer Research Racquet Doubles Tennis Tournament and Dinner at the Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club in Dublin starting at 1pm. If you would like to be part of the tennis fun, drop me a note and we will get you in touch with our organizers – Kellie O’Flynn, Marion Hanley, Christine McGowan and Jane Fennelly


Thursday, June 23 – ABBA VOYAGE – Yes, ABBA (the original group) is performing in LIVE in London this summer!

Our friends at STAR COSTUME in Las Vegas are recommending that I wear THIS RHINESTONE MASTERPIECE!

PLEASE don’t make me go to ABBA VOYAGE alone –

RSVP now!!!

Abba Voyage

Friday, June 24 – Hurlingham
Our annual “Endless Champagne / Cancer Research” event at the Hurlingham Tennis Classic in London is set for Friday, June 24th, 2022.

Our event starts at 1pm and concludes around 6pm. This year, our friends at IMG added, at our request, access to the 5pm, outdoor Burger BBQ which we have so wanted to join for years. The event cost is $700(US). Please RSVP by the end of February. Presently, the RSVP’s include our friends from Clearwater, Mobeus, Snell & Wilmer, along with me, Ann Austin, Emma Johnston, Sharon Oboshie Doku and Alice Hume. At the 2019 Hurlingham event, our singles match featured Nadal (yesterday’s Aussie Open Winner), followed by Mansour Bahrami and his group of doubles legends !!! Can’t wait to see who we will have this year !!!

Saturday, June 25 – Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre in West End, London
Our annual West End Theatre excursion is on Saturday, June 25 at 6:30pm – Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre in West End. Tickets are $250. Drop me a note if you will be dancing away the evening with us !!

Sunday, June 26 – Lamb & Flag Pub Crawl in London
Yes, the Lamb & Flag Pub Crawl is back, and not just because the Pub is featured in the theatrical production of Mamma Mia. We will be gathering at the Lamb & Flag at 6pm on Sunday and will end up at some fabulous place for dinner later on that evening or at David Leckie’s home in Kent. Drop us a note if you & friends will be joining in the fun.

Monday, June 27 – The Dog & Fox Pub Crawl in Wimbledon
While the Dog & Fox was not featured in Mamma Mia, it could have been. Anyway, there is no better place to hang out and see what Nick Kyrgios is doing after the First Day of Wimbledon than the Dog & Fox in Wimbledon Village. We will be gathering there around 6pm and will end up at some fabulous place for dinner later on that evening (by now, if you sense that there is a certain theme to the London events – you would be correct). Drop us a note if you and friends will be joining in the fun.


See you all over the world !!