Our 2022 "Endless Bourbon / Endless Champagne" Events

Our 2022 “Endless Bourbon / Endless Champagne” Events – July Update


Hi Everyone and several, super fun updates from our side

Thank you for joining us at the French Open, Hurlingham & Wimbledon !!!

First, thank you to everyone who participated in our French Open, Hurlingham and Wimbledon adventures – so much fun !!!

We will start planning our 2023 Grand Slam events in October of this year – emails heading your way shortly. As always, you are welcome to invite your super cool friends who care about the cause.

Our friends, Golly Prabhu and Ciara Smyth, were the high bidders for the tickets to the Wimbledon Men’s and Women’s Finals. Evidently, Tom Cruise was seated right next to our friends – looks like everyone has the Best Day !!! Our thanks to the WTA for donating the Wimbledon tickets. All donations bring us closer to funding our group’s 9th Cancer Research Grant !!!

French Open, Hurlingham & Wimbledon

Our Completely Re-Designed Cancer Research Racquet Website is LIVE !!!!

Second, after 6 months of work, we have launched our totally and completely re-designed Cancer Research Racquet website !!!

We LOVE the vibe !!! Our thanks to Jo Parsons and Richard Henman for making the magic happen !!!

Please explore, or click here if you’d like to get involved.


Dr. Amy Schade is Our Group’s 8th Cancer Research Rock Star !!!

Third, Dr. Amy Schade is our group’s 8th Cancer Research Rock Star !!!!

Dr. Schade is a molecular biologist at Harvard Medical School and at Brigham & Women’s Hospital where she is developing novel therapeutics to treat metastic Triple Negative Breast Cancer. You can see Dr. Schade’s CV here.

We have invited Dr. Schade to join all of our group’s Cancer Research Rock Stars in Paris at the French Open in 2023. We look forward to introducing Dr. Schade to you during the next year.

Dr. Schade

Upcoming Events !!!

London – Saturday, September 24 @ noon – Mamma Mia – The Party at the O2 – Plantinum Dinner Seating $350 (US).
RSVP by July 31 (two weeks from today). If this doesn’t get you up and dancing, nothing will

Las Vegas – Saturday, October 22 – Our Annual “Endless Bourbon / Endless Champagne” Halloween Cookie Party

Phoenix – Thursday, October 27 – Our Annual “Endless Bourbon / Endless Champagne” Event at the Camelback Inn

San Francisco – Friday, December 2 – Our Annual Cancer Research Celebration at the Top of the Mark

Las Vegas – November 2023 – Our Formula 1, Night Race on the Strip in Las Vegas


Rock your week !!