Las Vegas lockdown 2020

Our 2020 Imaginary “Endless Champagne” – Virtual Event Calendar

First, I hope everyone is safe and healthy and adapting to life in a self-quarantined world

From our side, two weeks ago, we transitioned our attorneys and staff in our 12 offices to a remote-working environment.  While I miss the daily face-to-face interactions, stories and smiles, the transition has been smooth.  Because everyone in the States is now “Home for the Holidays”, people (including me) have re-lit our Christmas lights (seriously) to bring some Light and Joy to these challenging days – (Here is a link to a New York Times article  –

So here is my current home office – Surprisingly, I am productive, creative and at peace here. . . and just something comforting about an Old London Street Lamp in a home office

Last night, with the help of the light from the candles (real), fireplace (fake – gas logs) and Christmas tree (artificial, but tall), I put together this update because, notwithstanding the self-quarantine, we have much to share and celebrate.

So kick back, grab a glass of wine and enjoy what we collectively accomplished in 2019 and where we hope to be heading in the future

The tennis world is currently on hold.  That is an amazing sentence to write.  Together, we will learn when a safe re-start of the game we love will be possible.

We continue to work closely with Ann Austin at WTA Charities.  We had planned such a fun and active 2020, beginning with the Indian Wells tournament and then continuing with the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and the WTA Finals.  Our collective events are on hold.  We will re-start our charitable activities in sync with the re-start of the WTA tour.

Notwithstanding this pause, we still have so much happy news to share – yes, our optimistic spirit perseveres

As a result of everyone’s efforts in 2019, the WTA and Cancer Research Racquet, working together, co-funded our newest Cancer Research Rock Star !!  We are so happy to introduce you to Dr. Timothy Trotter at the Duke University Medical Center.  The WTA and Cancer Research Racquet funded Dr. Trotter’s 3 year, $175,000 breast cancer research grant.  The Top 8 Players on the WTA Tour hit over 170 Aces at the WTA Finals in Shenzhen, China which raised an additional $25,000 towards the funding of Dr. Trotter’s grant.  As always, we fund our grants through the American Cancer Society’s Pay-if Program.  Dr. Trotter is the group’s 7th Cancer Research Rock Star.

Our 7th Researcher

We look forward to introducing Dr. Trotter to everyone when the business world re-starts and when international travel is permitted again.

So until our paths cross again, stay safe and healthy.

When the tennis world re-starts, Ann and I will figure out what creative and fun events we can host in the remainder of 2020 and then re-start everything in earnest in 2021.

Wishing you good health and the best to you and your family