French Open - CRR

We are exactly 120 days away from being in Paris for the start of the French Open  – so let’s get ready !!!

I hope you are enjoying the television coverage of the Australian Open.  Just so much fun watching the pros compete. But, the next Grand Slam is OUR Grand Slam and we will NOT be watching the pros compete on television – we will be up close and personal on Chatrier !!!

This is the first of four (4) monthly emails that will help make sure everything goes smoothly in getting you and your friends to Roland Garros on Sunday, May 22nd.  This is our 22nd year hosting the Opening Day, Corporate Day at Roland Garros.  Opening Day at the French Open is my very favorite day of the year.  Simply an amazing group of 200, super-cool folks from the US, UK, EU and beyond.  We look forward to introducing you to all of our friends who are changing the world (Bring a stack of business cards with you as you will need them).  After you experience all that Opening Day at the French Open offers, I am hopeful that this day will also become one of your very favorite days, this year and for years to come.


Our Corporate Event takes place on Sunday, May 22nd – The French Open is the only Grand Slam that starts on a Sunday – We LOVE the Sunday start date !!  The Corporate Event runs from 10:30am to 8:30pm.  At this point, you have probably already done the math and are thinking – “No event actually lasts 10 hours – We should ARRIVE LATE and DEPART EARLYWhile you are welcome to come and go as you please, you should be aware of the following facts:

FACT #1 – Typically, half of our group stays beyond 8:30pm and heads out for dinner at some amazing restaurant in Paris with their new, super cool friends from Corporate Day

FACT #2 – After dinner, many from our group head to the French Jazz Club district which closes at 6am. So what I am saying is that it is entirely possible that your day at the French Open may last over 18 hours. So sleep on your travels to Paris and be prepared to power through.



The Dress Code is dresses & fancy hats for the gals/jackets, slacks and colorful power ties for the guys – no tennis shoes.
The gals are welcome to arrive at Roland Garros in flats and switch to heels at the Suite.  The Suite has plenty of storage for shoes, coats etc.

Your Corporate Pass will not get you into our Suite if the French Tennis Federation determines that your outfit does not satisfy the dress code.  The French Tennis Federation will not deport you if your outfit does not satisfy the dress code (Novak Djokovic).  Instead, the French Tennis Federation will send you away to shop.  If that happens, we will drink your allocable share of the Champagne while you are shopping.



You are welcome to arrive at or after 10:30am.  Our Five (5) Course luncheon begins around noon.  Tennis begins at 1pm on Chatrier.

We will have at least 10 event hosts on site.  The hosts will be our group’s Cancer Researchers as well as our friends and colleagues who have been active in this group of years.  Between 10:30 and noon, our joy as hosts is to welcome you with Champagne and to introduce you to our guests from around the world, who are some of the most amazing people.  You are welcome to share business cards during the day, during the off site dinner or at the Paris Jazz Clubs.

And you already have many things in common with our guests.  As a group, we have collectively funded eight (8) cancer research grants through the American Cancer Society’s Pay-if program.  Funding cancer research grants, drinking Champagne and catching up with friends from around the world is what we do.  Thank you for saying “YES” to Paris and thank you for helping our group fund another cancer research grant.  You are going to LOVE the people you are about to meet.



In early May, you will receive your Corporate Passes.  In pre-COVID years, we received paper tickets from the French Tennis Federation and forwarded those tickets to each guest by Federal Express.  If tickets are electronic this year, we will let you know what app to download.  We expect to know the answer in late April.   We have amazing seats in Chatrier.



The French Tennis Federation will share all vaccination requirements and event protocols in April and we will share those with you immediately.  Proof of vaccination is likely to be needed both to enter France and to enter Roland Garros.  At this point, we do not currently know whether a prior negative test will be required.



We need you to do two (2) things

At the end of this email is the current RSVP list for our Opening Day, Corporate Event at Roland Garros on Sunday, May 22, 2022.  Please review the RSVP list for ticket count accuracy.  Drop me a note if the ticket count is off.  By the end of March, we will need you to supply us with the names of all guests.  The security at the Corporate Day is very tight and we are obligated to provide the names of all of our guests to the French Tennis Federation.  In order to clear security at Roland Garros, your name must be on the list that I provide to the French Tennis Federation.  A ticket alone will not be sufficient.

In May, we may need to send your Corporate Passes to you by Federal Express.  To that end, please provide us with (1) your Federal Express address and (2) a day-time phone number.  That will be the information we use to send your Federal Express in May.

Our next French Open update will head your way at the end of February 2022