Roland Garros 2022

Hard to believe, but we are all going to be in Paris in EXACTLY 30 DAYS !!!

At this point, expect updates from me every 10 days

In the next 10 days, I should receive the paper or digital tickets.  If they are paper tickets & wristbands, I will need quick turnaround on everyone’s Federal Express addresses.  If they are digital tickets, I will share the app which everyone will need to download.  I also expect to learn the COVID protocols, which I will share

In the next 20 days, I will need to supply the guest list to the French Tennis Federation.  As you finalize your guest lists, please zap those names to me.  Below is the updated RSVP list – we are going to have a BLAST !!!

Once I land in Europe, you can still drop me notes – my email address remains the same –  In theory, my phone should also work – 602.770.0472.  Phone service is always an adventure so email as well.  We are hosting pre-events in Dublin and then flying to Paris on May 21.

And then, one final story that we always need to share. 

If tickets are paper this year, please take a picture of your ticket (but don’t post it on social media even though everyone is excited about Paris).  Almost every year, someone leaves their tickets on the night stand in Denver or on the kitchen table in London.

If you arrive in Paris with a photo of your forgotten ticket on your phone, there is a chance (no guarantee) that the French Tennis Federation may reissue you a duplicate ticket.  Without a photo on your phone, you might end up on the outside looking in and that would be unfortunate.  We have no extra Corporate Passes.  Pack well.

More so very soon and safe travels to all


Rock your weekend !



Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash