Dr Jennifer Richer

Dr Jennifer Richer

Professor of Pathology and Co-Leader Tumor Host Interaction Program, University of Colorado Cancer Center

Dr Richer has studied steroid hormone receptor action in womens’ cancers for over 25 years. Recent studies from her laboratory demonstrated that in addition to receptors for the “female” hormones estrogen and progesterone, androgen receptors (AR) play an important role in breast cancer.

Her laboratory also focuses on alterations in non-coding RNA in breast and gynecologic carcinomas that lead to aberrant expression of embryonic, non-epithelial proteins including immune suppressive factors reminiscent of those made by trophoblasts to achieve fetal tolerance.

Dr Richer is a standing member of the NIH Tumor Cell Biology study section and has served on grant review panels for the American Association for Cancer Research, Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program and Susan G. Komen Foundation. She co-chaired the Keystone Symposium on Nuclear Hormone Receptors in 2016 and served on Annual Meeting Organizing committees for the Endocrine Society and AACR. In addition to serving on advisory boards for the Cancer League of Colorado, MD Anderson Uterine Cancer SPORE and the University of Texas at El Paso College of Science Advisory Board, she served on scientific advisory boards for Medivation, Bayer, Orion, and Innocrin.

Dr Richer is highly invested in the success of young trainees in the University of Colorado Cancer Center and the Cancer Biology Graduate Program. In 2015 she received the Dean’s Mentoring Award and the NIH Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) Faculty Sponsor Awards from the Graduate School and along with John Tentler, PhD, Co-directs the University of Colorado Cancer Center’s American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant that funds cancer research pilot projects conducted by junior faculty.