Welcome to Cancer Research Racquet !!!

We are an international group of US, UK & EU business professionals who love the game of tennis and who raise money for cancer research. On occasion, we celebrate our efforts and our friendships with a glass of champagne.

We care about cancer research because many within this group have fought the battle. They, their families and friends have benefited from recent advances in drug development and treatment protocols. We show our gratitude by raising funds to further advance the research to benefit others.

We are part of the American Cancer Society's "Pay-If" program. When our collective donations reach $150,000, our group selects and funds an approved cancer research project. Ryan Honaker and Bryan Mitton, both at Stanford, are our group's two cancer researchers. You can read more about them here and can meet Ryan and Bryan at our various events – they are amazing !!!

We fund the cancer research projects by hosting a variety of tennis & champagne-themed charity events in the US, UK & EU. The events are joyful and the guests are amazing. The conversations, the story-telling and the dynamic brainstorming typically keep us fully-engaged at the dinner establishments until late in the evening. In addition to the fundraising efforts, these creative brain-storming sessions result in the expansion of the events to new cities and countries.

We love making a difference together. We completely enjoy meeting new friends from around the world who hold the same passions. These efforts provide meaning and joy to all aspects of our lives

For those who say "Yes" to being part of the group, "Yes" can mean whatever you want it to mean – "Yes" can mean that you and others who care about the cause participate in some of our events. "Yes" can mean thinking of ways to help the group fund more cancer research projects. "Yes" can mean that your company becomes involved in a way that is meaningful to it. We are open to all ideas about what "Yes" can mean. Listening is what resulted in our group hosting events in Dublin, Wimbledon and Napa. We are good listeners and creative thinkers

We do not know where this journey will take us. From 2005 to 2014, this group has grown from 50 to nearly 7000 and our number of events has increased from one in Las Vegas to nearly 20 in the US, UK and EU. I hope to be a survivor for another 9 years and we can celebrate together whatever joys come next.