All Events

All Events

February 2019

February 27 (Nashville) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the Blue Bird Café
February 28 (Atlanta) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the Four Seasons
March 2019

  • March 8 (Indian Wells) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the BNP Paribas Open
April 2019

  • April 27 (Las Vegas) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the Numb Bar at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace / James Taylor Concert
May 2019

May 24 (Scotland) - Our Endless Champagne event in Edinburgh
  • May 26 (France) - Our 19th Annual Corporate Event at the French Open
  • May 27 (France) - Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day at the French Open

June 2019

  • June 28 (United Kingdom) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the Aspall Tennis Classic at Hurlingham (London)
July 2019

  • July 1 (United Kingdom) - Our Annual Corporate Event at Wimbledon
August 2019

  • August 25 (New York City) - Our Broadway Show Weekend in NYC
  • August 26 (New York City) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the US Open

September 2019

  • September 19-22 (Switzerland) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the Laver Cup in Geneva
  • September 27-29 (Las Vegas) - Our National Team Championships in Las Vegas
October 2019
  • October 12 (Key West) - Our Endless Champagne Event at the conclusion of Curt's Ride
December 2019

  • December 6 (San Francisco) - Our Annual Cancer Research Celebration event at the Top of the Mark



Our National Team Championships - 2015

Your source for all information related to the annual National Team Championships held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Head over to  our Nationals page .


A Traveling Tennis Fund-Raising Party Hits Paris

View this article on the New York Times site

By Elaine Sciolino

PARIS - Since 2006, Robert R. Kinas, tennis fanatic, blood cancer survivor and bankruptcy lawyer with the Las Vegas firm of Snell & Wilmer, has toured the world's major tennis tournaments with friends and colleagues. They party, play tennis and raise money for cancer research. Two days before the start of the French Open at Roland Garros, they played a fund-raising doubles tournament at the private Lagard�re Paris Racing club. It's an interesting mix of middle-age players - including Kinas, who is 52 - who donate money to play with the group of players in their 20s, many of whom are former Division I competitors Kinas has recruited. On opening day, he hosted a day-long celebration for 150 participants and guests. It started at 10 a.m. with an open bar, then an elegant sit-down lunch in a temporary, tented dining room at the Grand Chelem - the Grand Slam - on the fringe of the stadium. You could keep an eye on the tennis matches on televisions hung from the walls. Every guest received a Roland Garros bath towel in a Roland Garros canvas case as a souvenir. "Picture time!" Kinas announced when the time came for group photos. "Best day ever! Love you! Great weather for partying! We're huge!" The group went off to watch the day's matches inside the two main stadiums. Then came more drinks back at the Grand Chelem. The weather was foul, but the dress code was strict: dresses for women, sports jackets for men. One man wore a beige linen suit with a mint-green V-neck sweater that matched his beige and mint-green suede tie shoes. One woman wore a coral-colored, sleeveless, silk dress with matching see-through lace at the waist and chocolate brown stiletto sandals.. Just about everyone else at the French Open seemed to be dressed in sensible, if boring athletic clothing: anoraks, down vests, hooded sweatshirts, jeans, sweat pants, boots and running shoes. Even the official hostesses wore long beige parkas. The Americans looked French; the French looked American. "I got a lot of requests for 'Can I really not wear jeans?' and I said, 'No, you cannot really wear jeans!' " Kinas said. "You're in Paris!" Day 2 meant watching the matches on the side courts, followed by a three-hour reception with free-flowing Champagne. It ran out more than once, but there were volunteers who rose to the occasion with their credit cards. Before landing in Paris, the group was in Dublin. It left Wednesday for London and Wimbeldon - for more partying and more tennis. including their Ultimate Ringer Grass Court Doubles Event at the courts at Surbiton on Friday, an event that raises money as the highest donors get to pick their doubles partners first from among the players Kinas has assembled. (Their other major tennis events take place in New York; Miami; Indian Wells, Calif.; Napa, Calif.; Newport Beach, Calif.; and Las Vegas.) Kinas recruits players through LinkedIn, where he also finds donors to participate. He aims to expand the core group to 300 next year. "Some of our "Ultimate Ringers" at first thought this was too good to be true." Kinas said. "But then they thought, 'the opportunity to play the game they love while also advancing cancer research at private clubs around the world would simply be a dream come true." This year, Kinas is hoping to raise $150,000 for the American Cancer Society's projects through his page on the American Cancer Society Web site. "I am here today because a New York family funded drug research for Mantle Cell lymphoma in the 1990s," he said. "The new drugs worked. We follow their example so that others may have wonderful tomorrows."

NBC Loves Cancer Research Racquet !!

Click here to see Rob's interview with KMIR News!!!                                          


Photos from our YOU & Andy Roddick WTT Event !!!

Here are some amazing photographs from our You and Andy Roddick WTT event held earlier this summer! DSC_1153 DSC_1159 DSC_1173 2013 Mylan World Team Tennis 2013 Mylan World Team Tennis 2013 Mylan World Team Tennis 2013 Mylan World Team Tennis 2013 Mylan World Team Tennis 2013 Mylan World Team Tennis IMG_0852                    

French Open 2015 Details!!!


Yes, the time has arrived to roll-out our 2015 French Open Opportunity. Our sincere thanks to our French Tennis Federation friends, Noemie Morel and Frederic Legal, for all they do to make this event possible and so incredibly special.

At this point, you and friends could just say "Yes, I am SO in for EVERYTHING !!" but here are the details, just in case

First, this annual gathering is now THE LARGEST CORPORATE EVENT AT THE FRENCH OPEN (seriously). In May of 2014, 500 guests joined us. Not exactly sure how many bottles of Champagne we enjoyed, but everyone was smiling :)

And it's amazing fun

And our guests are you and your cool friends, which explains why everyone arrives at 10am, reluctantly leaves the Private Gardens of Roland Garros at 9pm, only to go out for dinner with their new International colleagues and laugh and talk until way late

And together, we (you and I) have funded three cancer research grants through the American Cancer Society and are already working on funding our fourth. The bios for all three of our cancer researchers (Ryan Honaker, Bryan Mitton and Terry Medler) are on the website - .

And our group's first cancer researcher, Ryan Honaker from Stanford University, will be joining us in Paris for our 2015 events. So you can meet the researcher who has put our donations (yours and mine) to such great use. Ryan's bio is on the website -

And Ryan also plays the guitar . . .

We host two special days at Roland Garros -- (1) Our Opening Day, Corporate Event at the French Open on Sunday, May 24, 2015 and (2) Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day on Monday, May 25, 2015.  You are welcome to RSVP to either or both - just do so by October 31 (30 days from NOW !!).  Otherwise, we will add you to the wait-lists

SPECIAL DAY #1:  Our Opening Day, Corporate Event at Roland Garros -- Details !!!

Our 14th Annual, Opening Day, Corporate Event takes place on Sunday, May 24, 2014 and runs from 10am-8pm (seriously). If you speak to any previous guest (and there a lots !!), each will echo this phrase - arrive early and stay late.

Our Corporate Day Event is the most elegant of affairs. Sophisticated dresses for the Gals (splashy hats encouraged). Gatzby-esque Jackets for the Guys (ties with a punch of color encouraged).  For our State-side friends, think Kentucky Derby.

No jeans, no shorts, no flip flops, no tennis shoes.

The French Tennis Federation's Security Team is a group of polite and seriously-ripped gentlemen who will deny entry to the Private Gardens for those who do not comply with the French Tennis Federation's dress code.   Do not make your share of the event's Champagne vulnerable to thirty friends from the US, UK & EU (i.e. us).  Think Hermes. . .

Our group has the best seats in Chatrier and Lenglen. If Nadal needs a towel, you may be called on to assist. . .

Our Opening Day, Corporate Event is offered to all at the French Tennis Federation's cost - 430 euros / 600 US per person.  Donations to fund our group's fourth cancer research are always welcomed (no floor or ceiling on the donation amount).  The cost aspect can be wired to Snell & Wilmer by January 15, 2015 (wiring instructions provided at a later date). The donation aspect can be made on the website at any time in advance of the event -

So just say "Yes to Corporate Day" by sending an RSVP to me by October 31st and bring friends.

SPECIAL DAY #2:  Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day at Roland Garros - Details !!!

Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day at Roland Garros is Monday, May 25th, 2015. You may arrive and leave at any time. You may wear anything you wish. There are no seriously-ripped bouncers.

As a group, we gather behind Court 7 starting at 4pm for our annual, "Endless Champagne" Reception. Last year, we enjoyed 42 bottles and the group photo with the empty bottles is on the website. We will need your help to set a new record in 2015.

On that day, we have Court Annex tickets.  The tickets are our treat (NOT a typo). Simply say "Yes to Jeans & T-Shirt Day" for you and your friends by sending an RSVP to me by October 31st and make a donation on the website (no floor / no ceiling) to help fund the group's fourth cancer research grant - .



On August 25-26, we will be hosting our annual US Open / Broadway Show weekend in New York City.  This year, we have tickets to the Tony Award-Winning show - Kinky Boots followed by our dinner at Le Pain Quotidien.  We will then be cheering our favorite players on Opening Day at the US Open.  Below are the details.

Sunday August 25
  • Kinky Boots at 3pm
  • Le Pain Quotidien at 5:30pm
Monday, August 26th
  • Tickets to the Opening Day at the US Open plus our Never-Ending Champagne Bar on the East Side of Ashe Stadium
  • Alexa Baggio
  • Eva Choe
  • Kirsten Gambrell
  • Avery Gibson
  • Blakeley Griffith
  • Elizabeth Haney
  • Erin Kelly
  • Melissa Kibler Knoll
  • Rob Kinas
  • Jenny Levin
  • Alvin Martin
  • Wynn McFarlin
  • Jennifer Mohamed Wilson
  • Emma Nakakuki
  • Catherine Napolitano
  • Lydia Owen
  • Chiara Pellus
  • Adi Petrova
  • Jody Riger
  • Christina Riley Hanna
  • Kelly Weaver

2013 Nationals - September 27-29

On September 27-29, the National Team Championships will be taking place at the Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas for the Open Men, Open Women, 5.5 Men and Over 40 Doubles.  Over 400 players on 40 teams from around the country will be participating.  The players party will be on Friday, September 27 th  .  This year's theme is country line-dancing so polish your cowboy boots.  The teams are able to expand their rosters to a maximum of 10 players through September 10 th .  If you are interested in joining a roster, contact our tournament director, Sue Johnson at

2012-US Open Tennis

YOU & Andy Roddick Playing Doubles at the Mylan World TeamTennis Match !!!

On July 13th in Los Angeles,  Darren Bresee and Lauralyn McCarthy took turns partnering with Andy Roddick to challenge me and Alisa Kleybanova (both blood cancer survivors with amazing volleys) to a "halftime" doubles exhibition benefitting our second cancer research project through the American Cancer Society.  Darren and Lauralyn donated $3000 for the opportunity to partner with Andy - Thank you so much !!! In addition, Billie Jean King donated two of her champions seats on Center Court for Wimbledon 2014.  Toni Eddy donated $6000 for those spectacular seats.  Thank you Toni !!! On July 14th, our group ran drills with Coco Vandeweghe and Steve Johnson and the rest of the Orange County Breakers - so much fun, all to help raise further funds for the cancer research effort. As always, our thanks to Billie Jean King, Ilana Kloss, Kerry Schneider and Meg Smiley for these wonderful opportunites !!!

2013 French Open - Day Fifteen

2013 French Open Event a Success!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to all of our Paris events!  We can't wait until 2014!!!