Our 2017 French Open Events

May, 2017

  • May 28 - Our Opening Day, Corporate Event at the French Open in Paris, France
  • May 29 - Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day at the French Open in Paris, France 

French Open 2015 Details!!!

Yes, the time has arrived to roll-out our 2015 French Open Opportunity. Our sincere thanks to our French Tennis Federation friends, Noemie Morel and Frederic Legal, for all they do to make this event possible and so incredibly special.

At this point, you and friends could just say "Yes, I am SO in for EVERYTHING !!" but here are the details, just in case

First, this annual gathering is now THE LARGEST CORPORATE EVENT AT THE FRENCH OPEN (seriously). In May of 2014, 500 guests joined us. Not exactly sure how many bottles of Champagne we enjoyed, but everyone was smiling :)

And it's amazing fun

And our guests are you and your cool friends, which explains why everyone arrives at 10am, reluctantly leaves the Private Gardens of Roland Garros at 9pm, only to go out for dinner with their new International colleagues and laugh and talk until way late

And together, we (you and I) have funded three cancer research grants through the American Cancer Society and are already working on funding our fourth. The bios for all three of our cancer researchers (Ryan Honaker, Bryan Mitton and Terry Medler) are on the website - cancerresearchracquet.com .

And our group's first cancer researcher, Ryan Honaker from Stanford University, will be joining us in Paris for our 2015 events. So you can meet the researcher who has put our donations (yours and mine) to such great use. Ryan's bio is on the website - www.CancerReserchRacquet.com

And Ryan also plays the guitar . . .

We host two special days at Roland Garros -- (1) Our Opening Day, Corporate Event at the French Open on Sunday, May 24, 2015 and (2) Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day on Monday, May 25, 2015.  You are welcome to RSVP to either or both - just do so by October 31 (30 days from NOW !!).  Otherwise, we will add you to the wait-lists

SPECIAL DAY #1:  Our Opening Day, Corporate Event at Roland Garros -- Details !!!

Our 14th Annual, Opening Day, Corporate Event takes place on Sunday, May 24, 2014 and runs from 10am-8pm (seriously). If you speak to any previous guest (and there a lots !!), each will echo this phrase - arrive early and stay late.

Our Corporate Day Event is the most elegant of affairs. Sophisticated dresses for the Gals (splashy hats encouraged). Gatzby-esque Jackets for the Guys (ties with a punch of color encouraged).  For our State-side friends, think Kentucky Derby.

No jeans, no shorts, no flip flops, no tennis shoes.

The French Tennis Federation's Security Team is a group of polite and seriously-ripped gentlemen who will deny entry to the Private Gardens for those who do not comply with the French Tennis Federation's dress code.   Do not make your share of the event's Champagne vulnerable to thirty friends from the US, UK & EU (i.e. us).  Think Hermes. . .

Our group has the best seats in Chatrier and Lenglen. If Nadal needs a towel, you may be called on to assist. . .

Our Opening Day, Corporate Event is offered to all at the French Tennis Federation's cost - 430 euros / 600 US per person.  Donations to fund our group's fourth cancer research are always welcomed (no floor or ceiling on the donation amount).  The cost aspect can be wired to Snell & Wilmer by January 15, 2015 (wiring instructions provided at a later date). The donation aspect can be made on the website at any time in advance of the event - cancerresearchracquet.com

So just say "Yes to Corporate Day" by sending an RSVP to me by October 31st and bring friends.

SPECIAL DAY #2:  Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day at Roland Garros - Details !!!

Our Jeans & T-Shirt Day at Roland Garros is Monday, May 25th, 2015. You may arrive and leave at any time. You may wear anything you wish. There are no seriously-ripped bouncers.

As a group, we gather behind Court 7 starting at 4pm for our annual, "Endless Champagne" Reception. Last year, we enjoyed 42 bottles and the group photo with the empty bottles is on the website. We will need your help to set a new record in 2015.

On that day, we have Court Annex tickets.  The tickets are our treat (NOT a typo). Simply say "Yes to Jeans & T-Shirt Day" for you and your friends by sending an RSVP to me by October 31st and make a donation on the website (no floor / no ceiling) to help fund the group's fourth cancer research grant - cancerresearchracquet.com .


2013 French Open - Day Fifteen

2013 French Open Event a Success!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to all of our Paris events!  We can't wait until 2014!!!